Former Montebello Rep Takes Antitrust Rap
Former Montebello Rep Takes Antitrust Rap
Former Montebello Assemblyman Tom Calderon pleaded guilty last month to antitrust violations including aiding in the filing of false tax returns, bribery concerning programs receiving federal funds, conspiracy to commit money laundering, honest services fraud, mail fraud, money laundering and wire fraud. Calderon’s brother, former state senator Ron Calderon, is also facing federal charges. Ron Calderon is accused of accepting bribes and other inducements from a Long Beach hospital owner and an undercover FBI agent.

Tom Calderon admitted to accepting a payment of $30,000 on behalf of his brother from the FBI agent, who was posing as a film executive. The payment was made in exchange for Ron Calderon’s support of a measure lowering the state’s film tax credit from $1M to $750,000. After depositing the check, Tom Calderon wrote a check for $9,000 to his niece, Ron Calderon’s daughter. The Calderons have been the subject of a number of investigations, and were accused of steering municipal contracts to friends.

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