Encino MD arrested for sex crimes
Encino MD arrested for sex crimes
Dr. Michael Popkin of Encino was arrested and charged with sex crimes involving assaults on female patients. Popkin was charged with a single felony count of sexual exploitation of a patient, two misdemeanor counts of sexual battery, and one felony count of sexual battery by restraint.

According to police, the allegations against the doctor arise from several incidents dating as far back as 2014 and involve multiple victims. Police believe that additional women may have been victimized by the doctor, but to date have not come forward. Popkin was the subject of sexual battery complaints in 2001 and 2003. The Medical Board of California addressed those allegations. The Medical Board also disciplined Popkin in 2005 for misconduct of a non-sexual nature.

Popkin has denied the allegations against him and will be arraigned in Los Angeles County Superior Court on December 30.

Encino sex crimes lawyer

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