Embezzlement Suspect Could Be In Los Angeles
Embezzlement Suspect Could Be In Los Angeles
Investigators from Merced County are looking for a local man suspected of embezzlement. Police say the man worked as the plant manager for AMG Resources, a metal recycling company in San Joaquin County. According to the District Attorney’s Office in San Joaquin County, investigators believe the man wanted in connection with matter may be in the Los Angeles area.

According to investigators, the man regularly misappropriated scrap metal from his employer and sold it to another scrap metal company between 2013 and 2016. He received checks for the material sales, but never reported the sales to his employer.

During the same period, the man told other workers that the company suspended the Christmas bonus program due to financial concerns. In reality, the company did not suspend the practice. Instead, the man embezzled the employees’ Christmas bonuses. Investigators believe that during the four-year period, the plant manager took nearly $500,000 from his employer and other employees of the plant.

The District Attorney in San Joaquin County charged the man with grand theft by embezzlement and falsification of corporate books.

Los Angeles Embezzlement lawyer

Embezzlement can be a devastating crime, both for the victim and the perpetrator. Employers and volunteer-run organizations are often the target of embezzlement. Fund losses could go on for months or years before anyone notices that money is missing. If you’re charged with embezzlement or a related crime, it’s important to hire an experienced embezzlement lawyer immediately.

All victims want justice, but in the case of embezzlement, justice most often comes in the form of restitution. Although a judge can always impose a long prison sentence, that approach often guarantees that the victim will not receive what they most want – restitution. Minimizing jail time and maximizing the opportunity to make restitution often produces the best possible results for all parties. Don’t assume that the outcome of your case is pre-determined.

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Photo Credit: Dean Hochman, via Flickr.com

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