Embezzlement Plea Closes Urban Decay Case
Embezzlement Plea Closes Urban Decay Case
A former Urban Decay cosmetics company executive pleaded guilty to embezzlement last month. According to prosecutors, the man stole nearly $600,000 from the Orange County-based firm.

He pleaded guilty to one felony count of theft by embezzlement. As part of his plea agreement, the judge dismissed two additional grand theft felony charges and also one special allegation. The man will serve one year in the Orange County Jail. He must also complete five years of probation following his release. He has already paid full restitution to the company, and will begin serving his jail sentence in July.

Investigators discovered that the man had created a number of fake accounts at local banks. He then authorized payments from the company to the false accounts over a period of two months in 2017. Officials at one bank noticed the transfers and warned the company, which then notified police. Police arrested the man in December of 2017.

Los Angeles Embezzlement Attorney

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Photo Credit: Jenny Robinson Faber, via Flickr.com

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