Embezzlement Lands Santa Clarita Woman In Court
Embezzlement Lands Santa Clarita Woman In Court
A Santa Clarita woman will return to court to face embezzlement charges next week. The woman pleaded not guilty in October 2018 to embezzling nearly $60,000 from two local Girl Scout chapters. The woman also worked as the Chief Financial Officer of the Beverly Hills Cancer Center. Authorities say she also scammed about $35,000 from her employer.

According to investigators, between 2013 and 2017, the woman volunteered with two local Girl Scout chapters. She took funds from the groups and used them to pay her personal expenses. In addition, she diverted funds from her employer to the girl scout accounts to facilitate their theft. Investigators say that the woman also volunteered at a number of other local youth focused activities. She served as a “fundraiser” for a high school girls’ soccer team. She also supervised a GoFundMe fundraiser for a teen after being struck by a car. Investigators have not found additional evidence of theft among them, however.

The woman is a certified public accountant. If convicted, she faces nearly four years in prison. She was released on bond and will return to court on August 23 for matters related to her case.

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