Embezzlement Lands Long Beach Man In Prison
Embezzlement Lands Long Beach Man In Prison
A Long Beach man will spend 10 years in prison for embezzlement. The man had provided financial investment and insurance services for people who had received insurance settlements following work-related accidents. He pleaded no contest in May to 25 felony counts, including money laundering and grand theft by embezzlement.

California Department of Insurance investigators received a complaint from two investors in December 2014 after an interest payment check bounced. The couple had invested nearly $275,000 with the man. They had received the money as part of a settlement after a work-related traffic accident. The man had suggested that they allow him to invest their funds as part of a “set aside” arrangement. The law requires this kind of arrangement to provide funds for ongoing medical care.

Initially, authorities charged the man with the theft from the couple. Over time, however, they discovered at least 10 other victims who similarly lost money. Based on records, investigators believe the man misdirected $1M to his own accounts. He used some of the money to open a cigar store. Initially, the man’s daughter also faced charges in the theft. Prosecutors dropped the charges against her earlier this year.

Long Beach Embezzlement Attorney

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