Embezzlement conviction for LB mom
Embezzlement conviction for LB mom
Police arrested a Long Beach woman for the embezzlement and conversion of nearly $175,000 in funds belonging to the Fullerton Rangers Youth Soccer club. Laura Zellerbach, who served as the club’s treasurer, pleaded guilty to one count each of embezzlement, money laundering, falsifying records and computer fraud. Zellerbach was sentenced to one year in jail and restitution of $227,000.

Embezzlement involved loans to husband’s company

Police began investigating the embezzlement in May 2015, when they received a tip that Zellerbach had misappropriated more than $30,000 in club funds. She resigned when board members began to ask questions about Zellerbach’s handling of the club’s accounts. According to police, she transferred club funds to her personal account, made unauthorized ATM withdrawals and debit transactions from the club’s accounts.

She used the club funds to make loans to Zellcorp, a business owned by her and her husband. Her husband said he had no knowledge of the transfers and has not been arrested or charged in connection with the incident. She also used approximately $20,000 of club funds to help pay for a European vacation for her family.

Embezzlement convictions can have serious, long-lasting consequences. In addition to facing jail time, you could be forced to make expensive restitution, and face asset seizures that could have an impact on your family. You could also find it difficult, if not impossible, to find gainful employment following your release. Employers don’t want to take chances on employees who have a documented history of dishonesty in their pasts.

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