Embezzlement Charges Dropped Against Pasadena Employee
Embezzlement Charges Dropped Against Pasadena Employee
The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office dropped embezzlement charges against one of three former Pasadena city employees, citing insufficient evidence. That office charged Melody Jenkins with one count each of embezzlement by a public or private officer, public officer crime and grand theft of personal property.

Jenkins, a temporary employee, worked as a personal assistant to management analyst Danny Wooten. Jenkins became embroiled in the matter after invoicing the City of Pasadena for more than $40,000. She faced as much as 18 years in prison.

The city has recovered much of the $6.4 million that it lost in the scheme. An insurance policy paid about $5 million, and also the City won a suit against an auditing firm it said should have caught the fraud. The employees allegedly embezzled funds over a period of about 10 years. Wooten directed a significant portion of the funds to two churches connected to him.

Wooten and his accomplices allegedly embezzled the funds from the City’s Underground Utility Program. A surtax funds the program and pays to have overhead utility lines around the city buried. The city has implemented significant changes to program administration to prevent future problems.

Wooten and an electrical contractor that worked for the city still face charges in the scheme.

Pasadena Embezzlement Attorney

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