Embezzlement Charge for UCLA Official
Embezzlement Charge for UCLA Official
Federal prosecutors in Manhattan charged a finance officer at UCLA with embezzlement. The official worked at City University of New York between 2007 and 2012. He later worked at a related institution, the City College of New York.

The US Attorney’s Office in Manhattan alleges that the man took $81.000 from a tuition account at CUNY and transferred it to two accounts that he controlled exclusively. CUNY fired the official in 2013, after discovering the funds transfers. As part of a settlement, the university agreed to rescind his termination and allowed the man to resign. After finding an additional account under the man’s exclusive control, university officials turned over the matter to law enforcement.

The man at the center of the controversy began working for UCLA in 2014. UCLA was unaware of the man’s past conflict with CUNY. He is currently on paid leave from the University. UCLA officials have said that they are conducting a review of the man’s work there.

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