Embezzlement Charge for Lynwood Employee
Embezzlement Charge for Lynwood Employee
A former Lynwood city employee was charged with grand theft by embezzlement after he allegedly stole nearly $30,000 from the Lynwood Employees Association, a union of city employees. Eric Gonzalez was charged with four felony counts related to the theft. He served as the treasurer of the employee union between 2011 and 2012.

While serving as the treasurer, Gonzalez, who was employeed by the City of Lynwood as an engineering technician, allegedly made four withdrawals of union funds totaling nearly $28,000. The alleged theft was discovered after Gonzalez had vacated the treasurer’s position.

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People who serve as treasurers are put in positions of financial trust. In these roles, they have special, enhanced responsibilities to their employers – or in this case, the union. When employers, auditors or board members discover improper actions related to the handling and management of finances, the law can impose severe penalties. Certain financial transactions arise from unintentional mismanagement or negligence, but can give the appearance of deliberate embezzlement. Mr. Helfend can assemble the financial forensic experts you’ll need to testify on your behalf to help the Court understand what may have actually happened.

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