Embezzlement charge for father, son
Embezzlement charge for father, son
A La Habra Heights father and son pleaded guilty to embezzlement, after prosecutors allege that the pair stole more than $300,000 from employee wages on contracts related to public works projects. The father and son, who own and manage a landscaping, irrigation and maintenance company, will be sentenced in April to 90 days in jail and restitution of $227,000. In addition, they will be barred from accepting any new public projects.

Embezzlement alleged from public projects

According to prosecutors, the company did not pay the minimum prevailing wage to employees who worked on a project for Lakeside Middle School in Orange County. The company had been flagged in 2010 for illegally reducing employee wages. Following that warning, the pair redirected about $300,000 in an account intended to pay for fringe benefits to themselves over a two-year period.

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