Embezzlement Charge for Compton Deputy Treasurer
Embezzlement Charge for Compton Deputy Treasurer
Salvador Galvan, the deputy treasurer for the City of Compton, was arrested in connection with suspected embezzlement from the city coffers. According to Compton Mayor Aja Brown, Galvan admitted to taking funds from the city. Galvan has worked in the Treasurer’s Office since 1994. Investigators have not determined how much money is involved in the theft.

As part of his official duties, Galvan was responsible for handling cash payments made by residents for city services, including taxes, license and permit fees, and water and sanitation bills. The embezzlement was discovered after the City Treasurer discovered irregular entries in the city’s ledger. Following a brief investigation, Galvan allegedly confessed that he had been misappropriating city funds for years.

Compton has been the subject of a number of cases of theft of public funds by its officials. In 2004, former Mayor Omar Bradley, former Councilman Amen Rahh and former City Manger John Johnson were all convicted of financial improprieties involving city issued credit cards and unqualified reimbursements.

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