Embezzlement charge for campaign treasurer
Embezzlement charge for campaign treasurer
Jack Wu, a former campaign treasurer for Republican 48th District Representative Dana Rohrabacher, pleaded not guilty to embezzlement and forgery charges last month. Wu, of Newport Beach is accused of stealing nearly $240,000 in funds from Rohrabacher’s re-election fund. Campaign officials say that the losses could actually exceed $300,000.

The embezzlement was discovered last year when the campaign manager attempted to pay a bill with a campaign credit card, and the purchase was declined. Further investigation showed that the campaign had less than $200 in its bank account. In his role as Rohrabacher’s campaign treasurer, Wu was responsible for filing Federal Election Commission reports, managing the campaign’s bank accounts and paying taxes.

According to prosecutors, Wu used some of the stolen funds to pay restitution to a previous employer. In 2013, Wu was accused of collecting more than $83,000 in unauthorized payments from his former employer, Russell Fischer, Inc. He worked there as a controller. Wu had been active in local politics for a number of years, and ran unsuccessfully for the Irvine City Council, the Irvine Ranch Water District Board and the Newport Beach City Council.

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