Embezzlement case in Pasadena nets convictions
Embezzlement case in Pasadena nets convictions
A jury convicted a former Pasadena city employee and a contractor of embezzlement earlier this month. Former Pasadena Public Works Department analyst Danny Wooten and Tyrone Collins, a contractor now await sentencing.

Jurors agreed with prosecutors on 53 felony charges against Wooten and acquitted him of 6 additional felony counts. In addition, they accepted a special allegation against Wooten of theft of more than $500,000. He now faces as much as 24 years in state prison.

Collins fared little better. The jury convicted the former city contractor of 10 felony counts against him and the special allegation of excessive taking. Collins could face as much as 15 years in state prison at the time of his sentencing. Restitution is also likely to be a component of the sentence. The city has already received a $5 million insurance payout on the loss. CIty attorneys claim that the city’s loss exceeded that.

The judge denied the men’s requests to remain free on an electronic tether before sentencing. They are due to be sentenced January 11. According to prosecutors, Wooten worked for the city for 12 years before being fired. In that time, prosecutors say he embezzled $6 million from the city’s underground utilities fund. They also allege that he moved some of the stolen funds to Collins, who worked on city contracts.

The city ordered an audit of the fund in 2014, and discovered that millions of dollars had disappeared. Wooten’s attorney argued that the city must have known that the money was being misdirected. Jurors did not find that defense persuasive.

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