DUI Suspect Surrenders After Stealing CHP Vehicle
DUI Suspect Surrenders After Stealing CHP Vehicle
A suspected DUI driver surrendered to police after making off with a marked CHP vehicle. Police spotted a reckless driver in Palmdale earlier this month and attempted to stop the driver. Police initially broke off the pursuit as the driver sped down the 14 Freeway, but later re-engaged with the driver in an attempt to stop the car. The driver led police into Kern County and then pulled over. At that time the driver, stole a Toyota Tacoma pickup truck and continued to flee.

The driver left the road several times and also struck pursuing Sheriff’s deputies. The driver then crashed the stolen truck and fled on foot. A woman also exited the stolen truck. While officers chased the suspect on foot, he got into an unoccupied CHP vehicle and fled the scene. Responding officers cornered the suspect and he eventually surrendered. Officers also located the woman and arrested her.

The man faces charges of driving while intoxicated, auto theft, fleeing police and assaulting an officer.

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