DUI Suspect Leads Police on Two Chases in Two Days
DUI Suspect Leads Police on Two Chases in Two Days
Los Angeles police arrested a woman for DUI following a morning chase through the San Fernando Valley. Officers finally arrested the woman in Santa Clarita.

Officers chased the woman on the 210 and 5 Freeways, and also on surface streets. The officers arrested the woman on McBean Parkway when she crashed into another vehicle at the intersection. A CHP officer reached into the woman’s car and pulled her out of the driver’s seat. He and a second CHP officer handcuffed the woman and led her away.

Police encountered the same woman the day prior to her arrest in Buena Park. They pursued her into Los Feliz, but called off the pursuit to avoid endangering other drivers. In addition to being suspected of driving DUI in LA, the woman may have violated a restraining order.

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