DUI Driver Crashes Through North Hollywood BMW Showroom
DUI Driver Crashes Through North Hollywood BMW Showroom
Authorities in North Hollywood arrested a woman for DUI following a late night crash. The woman, whom police believe was attempting to execute a left turn, crashed into the Century West BMW dealership. Her car, a Subaru, knocked out several plate glass windows and supports.

The dealership sustained major damage, as did two cars inside the building. One car, a BMW i8 worth an estimated $150,000 was heavily damaged. The crash also involved a second vehicle parked inside the dealership. Firefighters responded to the scene to extinguish a small fire that started as a result of the crash.

Following the 2:00 AM crash, police arrested the woman on suspicion of drunk driving.

North Hollywood DUI Lawyer

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A DUI in LA can be eye-opening and expensive, especially if you have never dealt with the criminal justice system. During a DUI arrest, the arresting officer will immediately suspend your driver’s license. This is an administrative action by the DMV. It is not part of the criminal case that prosecutors can bring against you.

During a DUI arrest, the officer may administer field sobriety tests to confirm your impairment. Additionally, the officer may ask you to submit to a breath analysis. If you refuse to cooperate, you can face additional legal penalties.

Two out of three drunk driving arrests in California result in misdemeanor charges. The law provides for felony charges under certain circumstances. These could include a prior history of DUI, and causing injury or death to other people.

Don’t assume that misdemeanor charges are “nuisance” charges. They can be very serious and result in significant penalties. That’s why you need to work with an experienced, aggressive criminal defense attorney when you face charges for impaired driving.

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Photo Credit: Raphael Desrosiers, via Flickr.com

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