DUI Driver Arrested in Palmdale After Standoff
DUI Driver Arrested in Palmdale After Standoff
A San Bernardino man will stand trial for DUI in LA following a slow-speed chase and standoff. The DUI drama unfolded following an early afternoon attempt by deputies to stop the driver.

The man led Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies on a slow-speed chase – sometimes moving as little as 5 mph. The chase took place on the Antelope Valley Freeway and the Angeles Crest Highway. At one point, the suspect left the freeway and led deputies down a dirt road.

During the attempted stop, the driver threw what appeared to be money out of the car window. Deputies placed spike strips on a stretch of road and successfully flattened three of the car’s four tires. The man came to a stop in a field adjacent to the dirt road. The man remained in his disabled vehicle and refused to exit for more than two hours. The suspect surrendered to SWAT team members about two-and-a-half hours after police first made contact with him. No one was injured in the incident. Emergency responders transported the man to a hospital for a medical evaluation before arresting him.

Palmdale DUI Lawyer

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Most California DUI cases result in misdemeanor charges. The law allows for more serious felony charges when certain special circumstances apply. When a police agency arrests you for impaired driving, your first move should be to call an experienced DUI lawyer.

Impaired driving will result in two parallel adjudication processes. One is administrative; the other is criminal. The DMV will immediately suspend your California driver’s license. This happens at the time of your arrest. The second process is criminal. The District Attorney will review the facts of your case and will determine whether and how to charge you. Since the DMV and the courts operate independently, you will need to attend to both processes.

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Photo Credit: Cassandra Karas, via Flickr.com

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