DUI Deaths Result in New State Law
DUI Deaths Result in New State Law
A DUI crash that killed two medical students resulted in a new law to prevent future DUI cases. Governor Brown recently signed the new law, which passed the Senate and Assembly with little opposition.

In May 2015, a wrong-way driver on Highway 163 collided with another vehicle. Five UCSD medical students were inside. Two of the occupants, Anne Baldock and Madison Cornwell, died from their injuries. Three other occupants received serious injuries. The wrong-way driver also received serious injuries.

The driver, from San Diego County, was a US Marine, and had undergone impaired driving training just weeks prior to the crash. He had been drinking with friends prior to the crash, and they warned him not to drive. The bar staff also warned the suspect not to drive. Despite ample warnings, the suspect drove anyway. At the time of the collision, the suspect’s blood alcohol level measured 0.14%.

The new law requires additional training for bartenders and servers to help them assess patrons who have been drinking. The training also teaches servers to avoid over-serving alcohol. Many California municipalities have alcohol management training ordinances. The new law now requires uniform training statewide.

The driver faces two counts of first-degree murder and two counts of gross vehicular manslaughter. He also faces a felony count of DUI causing bodily injury and driving with a blood alcohol content exceeding 0.08. His next appearance in court is scheduled for November 27. He remains jailed in lieu of a $3M bond.

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