DUI Conviction Sends Hawthorne Grandma to Prison
DUI Conviction Sends Hawthorne Grandma to Prison
A 72-year-old Hawthorne woman will spend six years in prison for a fatal DUI crash. The woman collided with a pedestrian, and the crash resulted in the death of a 15-month-old boy.

The woman pleaded to DUI in LA County earlier this month, so the judge immediately sentenced her to six years in prison. Rescue personnel rushed the toddler and his 15-year-old aunt to the hospital, but his family decided to take the child off life support the following day. He died from his injuries shortly after. The child’s aunt is recovering.

Hawthorne DUI attorney

This case underscores the seriousness of a DUI case. California law is not particularly forgiving when it comes to drunk driving, because of the potentially serious outcomes. When you’re arrested for drunk driving in Los Angeles County, you need the assistance of an experienced DUI attorney like Robert Helfend.

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Drunk driving cases in California trigger two separate processes. An administrative process results in the immediate suspension of your driving privileges. It is not a criminal process, but it still results in mandatory driving restrictions. The second process is a criminal process, so a conviction here can result in incarceration, fines, additional driving suspensions, driver retraining and other driving restrictions.

Mr. Helfend will provide aggressive, rigorous defense in any criminal case. He will fight aggressively for your rights and freedom, and will always work toward the best possible resolution of the criminal case against you. Don’t attempt to defend yourself in court and don’t assume that there’s nothing you can do.

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