DUI Charge for operating a scooter while impaired
DUI Charge for operating a scooter while impaired
A West Los Angeles man scored a “first” following his arrest for operating a Bird scooter under the influence. The man pleaded no contest to a DUI following his arrest in August.

According to police, the man knocked a 64-year-old pedestrian down while riding the scooter on a city sidewalk. Police found the offending scooter operator and arrested him. His blood-alcohol content at the time of his arrest exceeded the legal impairment limit by more than three times.

He pleaded no contest to the offense in court last month and paid a $550 fine. He must also complete three years of probation and a DUI diversion program. Additionally, he must pay restitution to the victim. The Bird rental agreement specifically states that the renter may not operate the scooter while impaired.

Bird introduced its ride-sharing scooter rental business to cities around the world earlier this year. Many cities object to the company’s approach to scooter rental. San Francisco temporarily removed the company’s scooters from its streets for operating without a permit in June. A growing number of cities have begun to confiscate the scooters that renters have parked illegally on city sidewalks.

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