DUI Charge for Castaic Man Who Drove with Feet
DUI Charge for Castaic Man Who Drove with Feet
A 21-year-old Castaic man who caused a serious accident while driving with his feet faces
DUI charges. The accident, which happened in February, seriously injured five people, including himself. Another passenger in the man’s car recorded him driving with his feet just minutes before the accident occurred.

The man faces a charge of driving under the influence after the van he was driving crossed the yellow line. It was struck by an oncoming vehicle. Following the accident, police tested the driver’s blood-alcohol content. It registered .05%. Prosecutors charged the man with driving under the influence, causing great bodily harm. The other driver tested negative for both drugs and alcohol.

Deputies arrested the man earlier this month, and a judge gave him a $100,000 bail.

Castaic DUI attorney

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