DUI Changes Now Require Interlock Devices For Some
DUI Changes Now Require Interlock Devices For Some
If you’ve had a previous conviction for DUI, changes to the law may affect you. According to a new law that took effect January 1, injury drunk driving and repeat offenses will require interlock devices.

Governor Jerry Brown signed the directive in 2016. The law requires drunk drivers who cause injury to use an interlock device for 12-48 months. In addition, repeat offenders will also need to use the devices. During long trips, drivers will periodically have to demonstrate their sobriety.

The law does not require first-time offenders to use the device. However, first time offenders can choose to use the device for six months in lieu of license suspension. The law does not apply to drug-only intoxication. Only those convicted of alcohol related drunk driving charges will have to add the device to their cars.

For drivers who already have a DUI in LA, this may not seem new. Los Angeles County has been testing the program since 2010. Alameda, Sacramento and Tulare counties also participated in the test.

From the test data, those with interlock devices had a lower rate of reoffending. However, over time, the lower recidivism rate declined substantially. In addition, those drivers with the devices had a higher rate of severe crashes compared to drivers with suspended licenses.

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Drunk driving penalties are severe, even for first time offenders. About two-thirds of impaired driving arrests result in misdemeanors. A history of drunk driving, crashes resulting in injuries and other circumstances can result in felony charges. Regardless of whether this is your first offense or your tenth, you need the assistance of an experienced, aggressive criminal defense attorney.

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