DUI Case Against Jackie Warner Ends in Plea
DUI Case Against Jackie Warner Ends in Plea
Jackie Warner, a local celebrity fitness trainer pleaded no contest to a single misdemeanor count of alcohol-related reckless driving. Prosecutors originally charged her with misdemeanor DUI, driving with a .08% blood-alcohol content and hit-and-run driving causing property damage. She also faced a single felony count of assault upon a peace officer.

Warder drew the attention of Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies after she collided with a telephone pole in West Hollywood in late February. She drove to a convenience store, where deputies attempted to arrest her. While at the store, she put her car in reverse and drove toward the deputy. She did not injure the officer, but she collided with the patrol car.

As part of a plea deal, prosecutors dropped the original charges, including the DUI in LA and the assault charge. In exchange, Warner entered a no contest plea to a single reckless driving charge. The judge sentenced Warner to complete a 12-hour driver re-education program, as well as two years’ probation.

Warner claims to have no recollection of the night of her arrest, but accepted the plea deal in order to move forward with her life. Warner has been featured in two television series that aired on Bravo. She also owned a Beverly Hills gym and spa, and has authored healthy living books.

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