DUI Arrests Top 1,100 For New Year's Holiday Period
DUI Arrests Top 1,100 For New Year’s Holiday Period
According to the California Highway Patrol, police agencies made 1,140 New Year’s holiday DUI arrests this year. Between December 28, 2018 and January 2, 2019 the agency says that 32 people in vehicles and four pedestrians died in DUI crashes.

Compared to the 2018 New Year’s holiday period, the number of arrests increased by nearly 22%. The CHP noted that the 2019 New Year’s holiday period was one day longer than in 2018. When accounting for the increased length of the 2019 holiday period, arrests increased this year by 1.3%.

On average, police agencies in California arrested 190 people per day on suspicion of drunk driving in 2019. That compares to an average of 187 arrests per day in 2018.

Los Angeles County did see a significant decrease in the number of drunk driving deaths over the holiday period. This year, one person died as the result of a DUI in LA. In 2018, 6 people lost their lives in drunk driving crashes over the New Year’s holiday.

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