DUI Arrest Rate Data for Los Angeles County
DUI Arrest Rate Data for Los Angeles County
In 2013, nearly one-quarter of all DUI arrests in the State of California occurred in Los Angeles County. Coincidentally, data collected by the State of California’s Department of Motor Vehicles show that there were fewer arrests in 2013 for DUI than in any of the preceding 10 years. Conviction rates for DUI arrests in California exceed 75%.

The median age for a person arrested for driving drunk is about 30, and the majority – nearly 75% – of arrestees are first-time offenders. The median blood-alcohol content for convicted drivers is 0.16, which is twice the legal limit in California.

Only about 3% of the drunk driving arrests in California are classified as felonies. The overwhelming majority of DUI arrests in California are misdemeanors, but that doesn’t mean that getting arrested for a DUI in LA isn’t a serious matter. DUI arrests are expensive, time-consuming and can significantly change your lifestyle.

A DUI arrest means an automatic license suspension, according to administrative rules established by the DMV. The license suspension is something that happens immediately. It is separate from any criminal action that may be taken against you. If you are convicted in court, you can face a range of penalties, including jail time, probation, community service, fines, driver retraining, driving restrictions and additional license suspension.

You could face additional consequences, including the loss of your employment, especially if driving is a part of your job. There is nothing minor about a misdemeanor offense. Subsequent drunk driving arrests open the possibility of more serious consequences, including longer jail terms, longer license suspensions, larger fines and felony prosecution.

Los Angeles DUI attorney

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