DUI Arrest for LAPD officer in family's death
DUI Arrest for LAPD officer in family’s death
Prosecutors want to wait for blood test results before charging a LAPD officer in a fiery DUI wreck. According to California Highway Patrol officers, the Santa Ana man struck two vehicles while speeding in a carpool lane. The accident occurred on the 605 Freeway in Santa Fe Springs. The impact of the crash caused one vehicle to burst into flames, trapping three people inside. All three people, members of one family, died at the scene. Rescue personnel transported the driver of the other vehicle to a hospital for treatment.

The suspect sustained serious injuries in the collision. California Highway Patrol officers arrested the suspect and booked him on suspicion of impaired driving and causing bodily injury. Prosecutors released the man pending results of his post-crash bloodwork. Once the results are in, they will determine whether they will file charges in the case.

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Most DUI arrests result in misdemeanor charges because no one got hurt. When impaired driving results in injury or death, felony charges can apply. As an accused driver, you need the experience of a skilled DUI attorney to represent you in court.

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