Drug possession Sentence in Oakland Handed Down
Drug possession Sentence in Oakland Handed Down
An Oakland man will spend 19 years and 7 months in federal prison after a drug possession conviction. Jeremy Luckett, 38, will also serve 5 years of supervised release once his sentence is complete.

According to federal prosecutors, Luckett conspired with a Southwest Airlines employee to evade airport security measures. Luckett supplied illegal drugs to the airline worker. Once inside the airport, employee passed the illicit substances to couriers. The couriers then took the drugs to Hawaii. Luckett purchased the airline tickets and hotel accommodations for the courier.

Airport security discovered the operation following an incident with one of Luckett’s couriers. The woman became intoxicated and TSA agents refused to allow her to board her flight. Security officers arrested the woman, and searched her luggage. Inside, they found more than 1.5 kg of methamphetamine and a kilogram of cocaine.

As the mastermind of the operation, Luckett faced a string of charges, including conspiracy to violate airport security, defrauding the United States, nearly 3 dozen counts of violating airport security, conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine; conspiracy to distribute cocaine; drug possession; and money laundering to promote drug trafficking.

Luckett’s seven co-defendants, including the airline employee and the couriers, have also pleaded guilty in the case. Six of the co-defendants are awaiting sentencing. A seventh co-defendant received a sentence of three years of probation.

Federal drug possession attorney

Drug possession convictions currently account for the majority of federal incarcerations. Federal prosecutors are especially aggressive in cases that involve significant quantities of drugs. They also have a strong interest in cases that involve novel smuggling methods. In this case, the defendant faced nearly 3 dozen charges of violating airport security. When you face federal drug possession charges, hire an experienced federal drug possession attorney like Robert Helfend.

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