Drug possession sentence for Pomona man
Drug possession sentence for Pomona man
A Pomona man will spend more than two years in federal prison for drug possession. A judge in Pasco, WA sentenced Jerardo Yniguez-Tapia following his guilty plea.

Authorities arrested Yniguez-Tapia and Jose Muniz of Pasco, as part of a broader drug trafficking investigation. The operation moved large amounts of methamphetamine and cocaine from Mexico through Los Angeles to the Tri-Cities area.

Investigators arrested Yniguez-Tapia after observing him remove two duffel bags from a semi-truck and store them in a Pomona “stash house.” The bags contained $1.5M in cash. The home contained 26 kilos of cocaine. Prosecutors characterized Muniz as the “right-hand man” of a Mexican drug trafficker. His attorney described him as a family man and father of five.

Police arrested both men in 2015 raids against the Bueno Drug Trafficking organization, a part of the Sinaloa cartel. The men made monthly drug shipments to Pasco and returned proceeds to the cartel. The Pomona man said that he continued to work with the cartel following his arrest to repay the seized money.

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Photo Credit: Coast Guard News, via Flickr.com

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