Drug possession sentence for Los Angeles gang member
Drug possession sentence for Los Angeles gang member
A Los Angeles gang member will spend 15 years in federal prison for drug possession for sale. In addition, the man will complete five years of supervised release following incarceration.

Police arrested the man in February 2018 after a traffic stop. According to police, the man was driving erratically. Following the stop, police asked the man if they could search his vehicle. He consented to the search. In the vehicle, police discovered nearly 14 pounds of methamphetamine, a large sum of cash and a loaded weapon. The methamphetamine was packaged to look like foil wrapped burritos. Investigators said that the man did not attempt to pass off the methamphetamine as anything other than drugs. They estimated that the drugs had a street value of about $450,000.

A federal grand jury indicted the man in March 2018. Following a bench trial, the judge found the man guilty of possession with intent to distribute methamphetamine. She also found the man guilty of felony possession of a firearm and firearm possession for drug trafficking.

During sentencing, the man pleaded with the judge for mercy, saying he had a family. The judge said that the crime warranted a long sentence to protect the public.

Los Angeles Drug Possession Lawyer

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