Drug possession ring from LA busted by Playstation
Drug possession ring from LA busted by Playstation
Federal authorities busted an established LA drug ring that operated in California, Florida, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan and Texas. The key to cracking the operation? A Playstation. Six Los Angeles area residents now face drug possession charges. A seventh individual, a Mexican pediatrician, also faces drug charges.

Federal agents arrested a man in Michigan after observing a drug deal in a Walmart parking lot. Then they searched the man’s car. Inside, they found a Sony Playstation box loaded with packaged heroin. The box featured a label with the unit’s serial number. Authorities then subpoenaed Sony for purchase and registration information about the unit. They learned that the purchaser had paid cash at the same Walmart for the unit just 10 days before the arrest.

A California man registered the unit using a fake name, but also used a real credit card. Using the IP address of the unit, investigators then located it in a condominium complex near the Walmart store. After obtaining a search warrant, they raided the condominium and made the third-largest recorded seizure of fentanyl in US history. They also seized 88 pounds of heroin, more than $500,000 in cash and the Playstation that led them there. Agents arrested two men in the condo, including the Mexican pediatrician, a Sinaloa resident.

Using Uber, rental car, and airline records, plus fingerprints recovered from seized drugs, the investigators identified six more suspects. They face a variety of charges in Michigan, including conspiracy to distribute a controlled substance. Their trial is scheduled to begin in September.

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Photo Credit: Lucas Hoedl, via Flickr.com

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