Drug Possession Conviction for MS-13 Member
Drug Possession Conviction for MS-13 Member
A MS-13 member pleaded guilty to federal
drug possession and weapons charges. The man pleaded guilty to conspiracy to distribute cocaine and a felony weapons charge. The 40-year old Hollywood man faces between 5 and 50 years in prison. He will return to court for sentencing on August 20.

Authorities arrested the man more than a year ago. In addition, federal authorities targeted about three dozen other members of the gang. According to prosecutors, the investigation yielded the arrests of about 13 high-level gang members. Some of those arrested face racketeering charges.

As part of his plea, the man admitted that he and other members of the gang conspired to distributed heroin, cocaine and methamphetamine. In addition, they used cell phones and firearms in the course of their drug operation. This is not the first time the man has been convicted of drug offenses. He has prior convictions for drug and weapons offenses.

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The federal government has a powerful weapon in its racketeering statutes. Congress designed racketeering laws to combat organized crime, but federal prosecutors now use them to fight gang activity. In a racketeering trial, prosecutors seek to establish a pattern of illegal conduct. In addition, they can use the laws to prosecute all individuals involved with a criminal organization. “Racketeering” crimes include murder, kidnapping, gambling, arson, drug dealing, wire fraud and mail fraud, among others. In addition to criminal penalties, plaintiffs can also seek civil damages and seize assets.

Because RICO statutes are so broad, you must have the assistance of an experienced criminal attorney. Hiring an experienced, aggressive attorney is the best way to ensure that you have a proper defense.

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