Drug Possession Charges For Massive Meth Bust
Drug Possession Charges For Massive Meth Bust
Two US citizens and four Australian citizens face charges for drug possession in the biggest meth bust on record. Investigators intercepted 3,800 pounds of methamphetamine stashed in stereo speakers. The shipment of speakers, found at the Port of Los Angeles/Long Beach, was destined for Victoria and New South Wales.

In addition to the seizure of drugs, authorities in Canada executed search warrants and seized a “significant” amount of cash. Authorities estimate that the seized drugs have a street value of $1.3 billion. Additionally, Australian authorities say that the seizure represented about 85% of the methamphetamine currently consumed in Victoria. In addition to the methamphetamine seizure, authorities also found about 50 pounds of cocaine and 11 pounds of heroin.

The seizure investigation in the US began after the DHS received a tip from Australian authorities. Law enforcement agencies believe that Mexican cartels are targeting Australia in an attempt to open up markets there.

Los Angeles Drug Possession Lawyer

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