Drug possession charges for five Los Angeles residents
Drug possession charges for five Los Angeles residents
Four men and a woman face charges of drug possession, following their arrests earlier this year. According to police, the group modified three BMWs to transport illegal drugs around the area. Two other individuals also face charges, but they are not in custody.

The group faces charges of conspiracy to distribute controlled substances. Authorities say that between 2017 and 2018, the group distributed heroin and cocaine, as well as butane honey oil – a marijuana concentrate. They obtained the drugs in Mexico and smuggled them across the border. Investigators say that in addition to using the modified cars, the group also shipped drugs to various locations using regular courier services. In one case, the group attempted to ship 55 pounds of marijuana to Florida.

Police say the cars were modified with secret compartments in the engine. The compartments held cocaine, heroin and other contraband. Officers at the border stopped two of the three cars in the same day. Following a search of the vehicles, border patrol officers found contraband, cash and weapons in the vehicles. If convicted on all charges, the group could face sentences of 10 years to life in prison.

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Photo Credit: Office of Public Affairs, US Marshal Service, via Flickr.com

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