Drug possession charges for 13 in Huge Bust
Drug possession charges for 13 in Huge Bust
Los Angeles and Ventura County police arrested 13 individuals with connections to a Mexican drug cartel. They now face charges of drug possession and weapons offenses. The arrests took place in October.

According to investigators, Sinaloa cartel members brought drugs directly into the Los Angeles area. Then they transferred possession of the drugs to their dealer network via self-storage units. The joint task force began investigating “bulk drug sales” in the area in September 2017. They determined the source of the drugs to be a local man. Most of those arrested in the October raids are residents of Los Angeles County. Police are still searching for two other people connected to the distribution ring.

During the raids, police seized more than 160 pounds of methamphetamine and more than 120 pounds of cocaine. In addition, officers recovered more than 13 pounds of heroin, nearly 7 pounds of fentanyl and 600 fentanyl tablets. They also seized more than $350,000 in cash and confiscated 12 firearms. According to officers, the combined street value of the drugs approached $11 million.

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Photo Credit: Coast Guard News, via Flickr.com

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