Drug Possession Charges For Drone Delivery Service
Drug Possession Charges For Drone Delivery Service
A Riverside couple face
drug possession charges for operating a drone-based drug delivery service. Police arrested a man and a woman following a surveillance operation. Riverside officers watched a drone leave the house with a package, and drop it in a nearby parking lot. Customers waiting in the lot retrieved the package.

Police obtained a search warrant and raided the home. Inside they found narcotics, marijuana, methamphetamine, LSD and fentanyl in addition to the drone. They arrested the pair and removed a 9-year-old girl from the home. They turned the child over to Child Protective services. Her mother, who was not at the house during the raid, took custody of the girl. The man and woman face charges of drug possession for sale, conspiracy to commit a crime and child endangerment.

The pair has a history of drug-related arrests, and face additional drug-related charges stemming from previous arrests.

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Photo Credit: Andrew Turner, via Flickr.com

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