Drug Possession Charge Stems from Planted Evidence?Drug Possession Charge Stems from Planted Evidence?
Drug Possession Charge Stems from Planted Evidence?
A story aired by CBS Los Angeles suggests that a man’s drug possession charge stems from planted evidence. The station claims that body camera video shows the officer planting cocaine in a suspect’s wallet.

Police initially arrested the suspect for his alleged involvement in a hit-and-run crash that occurred in April 2017. The video appears to show one officer holding a small plastic bag in his hand. Then, the officer bends down to pick up the suspect’s wallet. He motions to the arresting officer, while placing the bag in the wallet. The contents of the bag later tested positive for cocaine. In the police report for the incident, one officer stated that he located the drugs in the suspect’s shirt pocket. However, the video clearly shows the officer picking up the drugs from the ground and then putting it into the suspect’s wallet.

Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck said that the video raised serious questions about what happened during the arrest. He said that the video did not conclusively prove that the officer planted drug evidence. Beck restricted one officer involved in the arrest from field duty while he investigates the incident.

At least one member of the police commission says that he does not believe the video shows the officer planting evidence. The District Attorney’s Office charged the suspect with hit-and-run, and also with drug possession.

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