Drug possession bill could affect sentencing
Drug possession bill could affect sentencing
Among this year’s crop of legislation is one that could end low-level drug possession sentence enhancements. Senate Bill 190 would repeal automatic three-year sentences for repeat drug offenses by offenders convicted of selling small amounts of drugs. An initial offense nets a 3-to-5-year sentence, but with the enhancement, subsequent offenses receive an additional 3-year term.

According to Senator Holly Mitchell, of Los Angeles, the sentence enhancements disproportionately affect minorities, and have not curbed drug sales. The bill is part of a broader effort to reform the state’s approach to corrections for non-violent offenders. Mitchell also sponsored a bill to eliminate court costs and detention fees assessed to the parents of youthful offenders.

Brown could sign the measure or veto it. If he takes no action on the measure by mid-October, the legislation will automatically become law.

Los Angeles drug possession lawyer

The State of California has radically shifted its position on some low-level drug offenses. The cost of incarcerating non-violent offenders is high, so the state aims to reduce jail time for certain offenses. When you’re facing drug possession charges, your first move should be to hire an experienced drug possession lawyer like Robert Helfend.

Mr. Helfend has more than 30 years of experience in criminal courtroom defense. He knows what it takes to successfully defend his clients. His first priority will be to get felony charges against you reduced or dropped. This is important because California still pursues lifetime incarceration for three-time felony offenders.

He fights aggressively for his clients throughout the adjudication process. You’ll work directly with Mr. Helfend on your case, because he does not pass cases to less experienced attorneys. His plain-English style also means that you’ll always understand what’s going on with your case. Don’t settle for an attorney who won’t fight aggressively for you.

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