Driving under the influence arrest
Driving under the influence arrest
The Los Angeles Police Department arrested a man on suspicion of driving under the influence after crashing into a light pole and the Marc Jacobs storefront on Melrose Place last week. Police say that the man initially fled from the crash carrying a liquor bottle, but returned to the scene shortly after police arrived.

Driving under the influence can lead to serious consequences

Police administered a Breathalyzer test and other field sobriety tests, and determined that the driver was likely impaired at the time of the accident. A passenger who remained at the scene was slightly injured in the crash.

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DUI charges are serious, and the penalties are far-reaching. In addition to prescribing jail time (even for first-time offenders), you can also be required to surrender your driver license, deal with license restrictions, pay higher insurance premiums or lose your insurance altogether, take additional driver training courses, and pay for expensive anti-DUI equipment to be integrated into your vehicle. If your job depends upon your ability to drive, you could lose your job as an unintended consequence of an arrest involving impaired driving.

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