Domestic violence suspect kills groundskeeper
Domestic violence suspect kills groundskeeper
A man with two previous convictions for domestic violence killed a groundskeeper at the Flower Street Lofts before being killed by police who responded to the disturbance.

Earlier this month, Michael Rogers dragged Lisa Ramirez into his apartment and stabbed her to death. Following the attack, Rogers attempted to access a nearby residential tower in what police characterized as an attempt to commit suicide. Rogers later attempted to carjack a Department of Transportation official, but was unsuccessful.

Following the attempted carjacking, the Department of Transportation official flagged down two LAPD officers to report the attack. The officers found Rogers on a nearby street. He attempted to attack the officers with a knife, and then fled to a nearby yoga studio. After exiting the studio, Rogers confronted officers again with his knife and was subsequently shot to death by police.

Rogers’ motive for murder is not known. He had a history of domestic violence, and had been sentenced to 45 days in one instance and one year, plus five years of probation for two separate incidents that occurred in 2013. He had been arrested again in 2015, again for domestic violence, and that case was pending at the time of his death.

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