Domestic Violence Suspect Held While Girlfriend Remains Missing
Domestic Violence Suspect Held While Girlfriend Remains Missing
A domestic violence suspect who rapped about killing and burying a woman is now in jail. His girlfriend, a 31-year-old Monrovia woman remains missing.

According to witnesses, the man performed a rap at an open mic night event in downtown Los Angeles. Witnesses also reported seeing the man loading an “unconscious woman” into the rear of a Prius in Monrovia. When police arrived at the home, they found blood and other signs of a struggle.

Investigators have focused on the Mt. Baldy area of the San Gabriel Mountains, citing the man’s familiarity with the area.

Police arrested the man after finding him sleeping in the Prius in downtown Los Angeles on July 30. He had outstanding warrants for domestic abuse, burglary and assault. He was also the subject of a domestic restraining order. In May, a judge ordered the man to stay away from the victim. The judge also ordered the man to wear an electronic tether. In February, the woman had also sought a restraining order against the man, but a judge denied that petition.

According to investigators, the pair had dated for about two years before breaking up. The man lives less than a block away from the missing woman, in his parents’ home. Currently, the suspect does not face charges in the woman’s disappearance. Authorities are holding him without bail in the case.

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