Domestic Violence Suspect Charged With Attempted Murder
Domestic Violence Suspect Charged With Attempted Murder
A Stanford University administrator faces charges of attempted murder following a domestic violence incident earlier this month. According to witnesses, they found a woman with severe stab wounds after she called for help. The woman suffered stab wounds to her face, scalp, back and shoulder. Additionally, she suffered a collapsed lung and underwent emergency surgery. Doctors expect her to make a full recovery.

The woman told police that she and the man, who have dated for 18 months, decided to try LSD. He began behaving erratically and she asked him to lie down while she went to get some water for him. Instead, he grabbed a. butcher knife from the kitchen and began attacking the woman. She was able to escape the home and call for help.

In addition to attempted murder and domestic violence, the man also faces charges of assault with a deadly weapon. According to police, the man stabbed his girlfriend repeatedly while under the influence of LSD. The man oversees the admissions process for Los Angeles applicants. He also manages applications from students in China and southeast Asia.

The suspect graduated from. Yale in 2014 and competed on the school’s track and field team while studying there. According to the University, officials there placed the man on indefinite leave. If convicted on the attempted murder charge, the man could spend as much as nine years in prison. A conviction for felony domestic abuse could add as much as four years to his sentence.

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