Domestic violence rap for Kings guard
Domestic violence rap for Kings guard
Sacramento Kings point guard Darren Collison was suspended from the team for eight games following a domestic violence incident involving Collison’s wife, whom he has known since high school. The suspension comes after Collison pleaded guilty last month to domestic abuse following a May 30 altercation.

As part of his plea agreement, Collison must serve 29 days in jail, 20 hours of community service and complete a yearlong domestic violence deterrence program. Collison has no prior history of domestic abuse and is eligible for an alternative sentencing program.

Placer County deputies were called to the Collison home last May to respond to reports of a woman being assaulted. When they arrived, they noted visible injuries on Collison’s wife. Initially, he was charged with domestic assault causing injury, domestic battery and driving on a suspended license.
As a result of the eight-game suspension, Collison will forfeit about $380,000 in pay. He is in the final year of his contract with the Kings.

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