Domestic Violence Plea Lands Former USC player in Jail
Domestic Violence Plea Lands Former USC player in Jail
A former USC football player will spend a year in jail for domestic violence, following a no-contest plea. The man, a graduate of Los Angeles’ Hawkins High School, was considered a five-star recruit when he joined the team. He earned playing time in his first season and caught four passes.

Police arrested him in February, following a domestic assault. He served 21 days on two misdemeanor assault counts in that incident. USC removed him from their roster following his first arrest. He has not played with the team since that time. Police arrested him a second time in July, also for a domestic assault. His second arrest came just weeks after he completed his first jail sentence.

Prosecutors accused him of hitting, scratching and strangling his girlfriend, and charged him with felony assault in the second incident. The judge sentenced the man to one year in jail, and five years of probation. In addition, he must complete 52 domestic violence prevention classes.

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