Domestic Violence Not Just A Family Affair
Domestic Violence Not Just A Family Affair
The recent resignation of White House staff secretary Robert Porter shows that domestic violence is often more than just a family matter. Porter, who assumed the position of President Trump’s staff secretary on January 20, 2017 resigned recently. He left the White House after stories of Porter’s alleged domestic assaults became public.

Porter’s former wives both publicly detailed domestic assault incidents that occurred during their marriages to Porter. While working in the White House, Porter received only provisional security credentials, due to the assault allegations.

The White House counsel, Donald McGahn and Chief of Staff John Kelly have been criticized for not ousting Porter sooner. Presidential tweets following the disclosure of the alleged assaults appeared to support Porter. That support has drawn sharp criticism from politicians on both sides of the aisle, the media and survivors of domestic abuse. In addition, the White House has issued numerous clarifications regarding its knowledge of Porter’s background.

Porter said he told White House officials about the allegations when he assumed the staff secretary position. The Federal Bureau of Investigation said it informed the White House of Porter’s abuse complaints in written reports in March, July and November 2017. In September, the White House informed Porter that his security clearance was denied, due to a violent crime allegation. Key White House personnel, including McGahn and Kelly, steadfastly denied knowing about Porter’s abuse history until last week.

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