Domestic Violence Latest Defense: Air Pollution?
Domestic Violence Latest Defense: Air Pollution?
A newly released study conducted by Colorado State University links domestic violence to air pollution. Study authors suggest that decreasing daily pollutants by 10% could save nearly $1.5B in crime-related costs annually.

Researchers used data from 2013-2016 to examine the impact of weather, wildfire smoke and other pollutants on crime rates. The data originated from the EPA, NOAA, Oregon State and the FBI.

Researchers examined micropollutants – those particles smaller than 2.5µm, and ozone – in nearly 400 counties in the United States. Using the data, researchers correlated changes in the crime rate with changes in the local pollution count. According to researchers, they associated a 10% increase in micropollutants with a 0.14% increase in assaults. They also correlated a 10% increase in ozone exposure to a 0.3% increase in violent crimes.

The CSU researchers noted that the change in daily pollutant exposure had a pronounced effect on domestic assaults. Lower temperatures exacerbated the connection between pollution and crime. The data revealed that assaultive behavior began to rise well before pollution reached current EPA air-quality standards.

Rising pollution levels had no discernible impact on property crime rates.

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