Domestic Violence Investigation Leads to Leave
Domestic Violence Investigation Leads to Leave
A Los Angeles County prosecutor is on administrative leave while Pomona police pursue a domestic violence investigation. According to police, the man refused to cooperate with officers who responded to a 911 call from the man’s wife.

Citing a conflict of interest, however, the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office transferred the case to the California state attorney general’s office. The Attorney General’s Office will determine whether to prosecute the case.

According to the police report, the man and woman argued in their home, and then the confrontation turned physical. Responding officers said that the man was uncooperative and appeared to be intoxicated.

Police handcuffed the man and placed him under arrest on suspicion of misdemeanor battery. The woman told officers, however, that her husband characterized the physical contact as an accident. She did not show any signs of physical injury, but said she called 911 out of frustration.

Pomona domestic violence attorney

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This situation captures what often occurs in a reported domestic abuse case. In many cases, the alleged “abuse” does not rise to the level of a criminal action, and neither party wants to pursue a complaint. Police must often remove one or both parties from the scene. With little evidence to go on, prosecutors must determine whether or not they can present the matter to a judge.

Courts cannot compel married individuals to testify against each other, but California has a specific procedure for withdrawing a domestic abuse complaint. If a complainant does not follow the procedure, he or she can find themselves in trouble with the law.

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