Domestic violence investigation dropped against Rick Schroder
Domestic violence investigation dropped against Rick Schroder
The Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office will not pursue domestic violence charges against actor Rick Schroder. Police arrested the actor on May 1, after Schroder’s girlfriend reported an assault.

According to police, Schroder’s girlfriend called 911 to report that the actor had punched her. Police dispatched deputies to the scene, but the woman became uncooperative with them. She refused to tell deputies what happened and would not allow them to take pictures. During the 911 call, she told the operator that Schroder had punched her in the face. The following day, the woman told investigators that she believed Schroder hit her accidentally after she startled him while he slept. At the time of the incident, she claimed that Schroder was under the influence of Ambien and alcohol.

This is the second time Schroder has been arrested for domestic violence. According to investigators, they arrested Schroder last month for an incident his girlfriend described as “a big misunderstanding.”

In evaluating the case, the District Attorney’s Office acknowledged that moving forward with the case would have been difficult. The victim was non-cooperative and allegedly under the influence of alcohol when the event occurred.

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