Domestic Violence, Felony Child Abuse Charges for Riverside Man
Domestic Violence, Felony Child Abuse Charges for Riverside Man
A Riverside man faces misdemeanor domestic violence and felony child abuse charges following a recorded domestic assault.

A neighbor’s home security camera captured the assault, which featured the man deliberately dropping an 18-month-old child on the ground. The man then picked up the child and swung him violently at his girlfriend. The man then dropped the child a second time.

The neighbor heard the assault and turned over the recorded footage to the Riverside Police Department. Police searched the neighborhood and did not initially find the suspect. An officer returned later, located the man and arrested him. He faces misdemeanor domestic assault charges for this attack on the woman. He faces felony child abuse charges for his treatment of the boy.

Police reported that the boy is the man’s biological son. The woman is not the boy’s biological mother. The boy has been turned over to his biological mother. The man was released on a $50,000 bond and will return to court on September 7. He could receive as much as 6 years in prison and fines if convicted on the felony child abuse charge.

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