Domestic violence Charges Dropped For Michael Avenatti
Domestic violence Charges Dropped For Michael Avenatti
Attorney Michael Avenatti will not face domestic violence charges for an alleged assault. Instead, Avenatti and his former girlfriend will have separate hearings with the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office.

The hearings are not public and have not been scheduled. The City Attorney reserved the right to bring charges against Avenatti until the statute of limitations runs out. According to Los Angeles Police, they arrested Avenatti following an argument between the couple about money. Allegedly, Avenatti attempted to forcibly remove the woman from the couple’s apartment. The pair had lived together for nearly a year before the incident.

Following an investigation, the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office declined to bring charges against Avenatti. He categorically denies the allegations against him. At one point, Avenatti acknowledged that three separate investigations into the matter had found no evidence of wrongdoing.

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This case demonstrates the availability of alternative resolutions for domestic assault allegations. It also shows the importance of conducting a thorough investigation into assault allegations.

Domestic issues are fraught with emotion, and police must decide whether evidence of an assault exists. Your first move in a domestic assault case should be to hire an experienced lawyer to defend you. In the absence of competent representation, you can face arrest and conviction, even when the evidence doesn’t support it.

Don’t rely on an inexperienced attorney, don’t assume the courts will treat you favorably and don’t attempt to represent yourself. Instead, hire an experienced, professional and aggressive criminal defense lawyer to appear with you in court.

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